Who We Are

Founded in the year 2000, SoftWalls™ has become a leader in the installation of acoustical and tackable stretch fabric systems for walls and ceilings. Our system is designed to give architects, designers, acoustical consultants and end users the best product possible without compromising the quality they have come to expect from a stretch fabric installation. Keeping our installation partners in mind, we designed a user-friendly system, which gives them the easiest system possible to work with in order to make them more competitive and to eliminate costly repairs.

What We Are

SoftWalls™, an acoustical and/or tackable stretch fabric system, for walls & ceilings, offering a complete solution for all acoustical situations within any size or type of room. Whether it be absorptive or reflective (or both), SoftWalls™ uses a wide range of edge profiles, core materials and finish fabrics to effectively resolve an acoustical problem. The acoustic and aesthetic flexibility of this product makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. The ability to choose any fabric enables you to create the ideal look for your space. Acoustically, a stretch fabric system helps address problems caused by excessive reflections, inappropriate reverberation time and inadequate absorption.

What is a stretch fabric system?

A stretch fabric system meets acoustic and/or aesthetic needs with a wall and/or ceiling application. The system can accommodate any shape—from asymmetrical lines to curves—and any fabric—from recycled to silk. The on-site installation process begins by securing track to the surface, following a specified edge to meet your needs. The fabric of your choice is then stretched over a half to two inch core of an acoustic and/or tackable material. (For more information on how to select these three products to successfully work together, view SoftWalls™ Product Selection Chart.) The finished product enhances the look of the space and can be acoustically absorptive (depending on the core selection), essentially lowering the noise frequency levels in the room.

SoftWalls™ has the following advantages, eliminating many of the problems associated with other panel systems.

  • Allows flexibility for adapting to varying field conditions.
  • No field pre-measuring for fabrication required; saving six to eight weeks in delivery time.
  • No damage of the panels during shipment.
  • No costly hard facing required, as the fabric is not glued to the fiberglass.
  • No scribing of panels in the field to achieve perfect alignment at the inside corners, outside corners and ceilings.
  • The ability to use any approved absorptive, reflective, tackable or composite core required behind the fabric.
  • Class A rated, Flame Spread <25: ASTM E84.
  • Engineered for fabric removal and replacement in the event of soiling or damage.
  • Competitively priced with pre-manufactured panels.
  • Virtually unlimited freedom in panel design in two and three-dimensional planes and a variety of edge seam conditions.
  • The use of a mid-wall extrusion, which allows for perfect mid-wall seams.

Where We Are

Headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, SoftWalls™ has developed an extensive licensed and trained Installation Partner network throughout United States and we continue to expand into Asia, Europe and the Middle East.