Welcome to SoftWalls

SoftWalls is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the SoftWalls track system.

At SoftWalls, we specialize in providing the foundation for acoustic fabric wall systems and ceiling panels, meeting the needs for a variety of acoustical situations and applications.  

SoftWalls is an acoustical or tack-able stretch fabric wall system. The Softwalls system is ideal for use in rooms of nearly any size and configuration needing a sound management solution with absorptive or reflective properties to enhance acoustical performance.  

With SoftWalls you will enjoy the opportunity to select from a seemingly endless variety of fabrics, made available from many specialized sources, resulting in an aesthetically appealing and eye-catching appearance that is only limited by your imagination. 

We look forward to partnering with you to implement the ideal solution for your specific needs.

More About the SoftWalls System

SoftWalls track is the initial step to installing a superior acoustic fabric wall system. Our SoftWalls brand is widely known as an industry leader in acoustic track systems and is preferred and recommended by architects, designers, acoustical fabric system experts, and other end users for use on both walls and ceilings.

Our tracking, combined with specialized core materials, and covered in your fabric of choice, will improve sound quality while providing your sought-after look and feel.

SoftWalls offers three different stretch fabric wall system edge profiles. They each support core materials, such as semi-rigid fiberglass boards for addressing acoustic issues. 

Another option is 24 PCF density USG mineral board known as MICORE. This is an excellent core material for achieving a tack-able surface in your space. 

Our extruded PVC track is long enough to provide one trip to the wall for install. A great timesaver especially for those running under a tight schedule. Its flexibility ensures that the track will not split when stapled to the surface. And the many gripping teeth keep fabrics tight and secure once installation is complete.

Our SoftWalls track profiles

  • Square Edge: For users who want to accomplish a monolithic appearance, Square Edge profiles are the ideal option. It is the most widely used detail. Available in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, and 2 1/8″.  Suitable for acoustical and tack-able variations.
  •   Radius Edge: More detailed designs are achievable with radius edge profiles. This provides a more rounded distinction between the panels. Radius is offered in 1/2″ and 1″ profiles. It can be used for acoustical or tack-able solutions.
  •   Bevel Edge: Like radius edge profiles, bevel edge offers an angled distinction once installed. It is ideal for users with aesthetically pleasing projects in mind.  Bevel Edge is offered in 1/2″ and 1″ profiles. It can be used for acoustical or tack-able solutions.  

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SoftWalls Applications

SoftWalls has been serving the marketplace since 2000, manufacturing and distributing to, and working with both large and small contractors and end users across all sectors of business, industries, and more… 

The SoftWalls brand can be found nearly everywhere, utilized by businesses and organizations with demanding needs and the highest of expectations.

You’ll see and experience SoftWalls in:

  •       Auditoriums
  •       Banks
  •       Boardrooms
  •       Churches
  •       Command and Control Centers:
  •       Conference Rooms
  •       Courtrooms
  •       Galleries
  •       Home Theaters
  •       Home Offices
  •       Hospitals
  •       Hospitality
  •       Libraries
  •       Lobbies
  •       Media Facilities
  •       Municipal Facilities
  •       Music Venues
  •       Offices and Office Buildings
  •       Restaurants and Bars
  •       Radio Stations
  •       Retail Establishments
  •       Schools
  •       Specialty Venues
  •       Studios
  •       Waiting rooms
  •       And more…

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Infographic Benefits of proper acoustic systems

The SoftWalls Difference

Our SoftWalls track is unique and appealing for many reasons! 

For example, our track edge profiles are made of extruded PVC and designed not to split when attached to the wall surface.  Our track is easily snipped in order to bend and curve, creating unique and distinctive wall panel designs. 

The SoftWalls track edge profiles come in lengths of 105 inches / 8.75 feet, an ideal size for most wall requirements. When other lengths are needed, our track is easy to trim for that custom fit. This design feature means the installers will be making less trips back and forth to the wall, resulting in a more productive installation experience. 

Last but not least, a secure fabric application is ensured by the precise number of gripping teeth that hold the fabric at the appropriate tension. Simply another key attribute of our SoftWalls brand.

Choose SoftWalls

SoftWalls is your best choice for so many reasons! 

We are proud to offer high-quality, value priced products that are made right here in America! 

We are proud to be a top choice recommended by architects across North America and around the world! 

We are proud to be known as the Installers Dream, as our product design allows for productive ease of installation!

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What Customers Are Saying

At Softwalls, we are thankful to have so many great customers! And, your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Here are a few customer comments that help us feel confident we are living up to your high expectations.

“Your SoftWalls team is always helpful. When we have questions, you are always there to answer and assist. Thanks!” 

“Our installation team has requested we only use your product. They say the design and size of your track makes installation a breeze.” 

“When I specify your product in my project specs, we never seem to have delays with late shipments or issues with damaged goods. Thank you for placing an emphasis on these important matters!”

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Rest assured, you have a trusted partner with SoftWalls. Please reach out directly if you have questions. Until then, here are a few commonly asked questions. Hopefully you will find our answers helpful.

If our project expands unexpectedly, will you have inventory on hand to fill our needs?

Yes, we carry a robust supply of product on hand at all times. Enough to supply multiple projects at once. Additionally, our manufacturing of track system profiles is ongoing, allowing us to keep our inventory right sized and ready to ship quickly.

Do you only support big companies with big projects?

We are proud to be an industry leader in our field of expertise, so naturally we have a great reputation of supplying and supporting big projects. However, we have had great success working on projects with mid-sized companies, organizations, and end users as well. And yes, we’ll even take on smaller projects too. 

What if my new acoustic wall system gets damaged or soiled over time?

No need to worry. With SoftWalls tracking it is simple to replace the fabric covering and core material. Your wall or ceiling can be good as new in no time.

Let SoftWalls Fulfill Your Acoustic Wall Solution Needs

SoftWalls will solve your acoustical issues such as excessive reflections, inadequate absorption, and inappropriate reverberation, commonly found in other sound reduction panels and various types of wall coverings and coatings. Our acoustic stretch fabric wall and ceiling system will perform as an absorber and diffuser, ensuring top quality sound management.  

SoftWalls will improve the acoustics in your space and make it a place to enjoy the desired sound level and quality without unpleasant interference. 

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today to learn more. 

Request information, and we’ll find a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.     

We look forward to hearing from you soon!